If you break your curfew I’ll break your Hymen, 2015, Installation / Performance

Rosina Byrne, If you break your curfew I’ll break your Hymen, 2015, Installation / Performance, paxs collective. Photo: Fleur Ruddick

Rosina Byrne endeavours to bring forward the struggle of a specific group of women who experience the darkness, veils and silent identities in a particularly constricting form. Migrant women, their daughters and granddaughters continue to live oppressed lives even though they are Australian residents. The ideal of Equal rights even today commonly promoted as a standard of Australian life do not exist as a reality to many of these females. They live under the rules of a patriarch, who governs by an ancient patriarchal system dating back many generations. The only plausible reason women within these community are living repressive life is solely due to being born with XX chromosomes, giving them a vagina rather than a penis and, therefore, the title ‘female’.

The oppression of the female has pushed Rosina forward with a strong desire to produce a body of work conveying the reigning control placed on the ‘female’.

Rosina Byrne is a Mildura based artist born to Italian migrant parents. Raised on a Grape Fruit Block on the outskirts of Euston, N.S.W. Byrne works predominantly with photography, video and installation. Rosina completed her Bachelor of Visual Art at La Trobe, Mildura, 2013, where she received The Collin Barrie Acquisitive Award, the La Trobe Executive Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence in 2012 and also in 2012 she was awarded the Golden Key from Golden Key International Honour Society for excellence. Rosina graduated with First Class Honours in Visual Art, 2014 and was awarded the Julie Miller Markoff award, 2014. She has exhibited widely, in solo and group exhibitions, such as Palimpsest #9, Wallflower Photomedia Gallery, CCP and BSG Gallery in Melbourne. Rosina’s practice is constantly evolving.

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